• xHow can I know if I am pregnant?

    Certain signs, such as a missed or late menstrual period, breast tenderness or morning nausea should alert you. However, these signs are not specific to pregnancy. Therefore, you must perform a pregnancy test, which can be purchased in a pharmacy, and see a physician to have a medical exam and/or obtain a prescription for a ß-hCG blood test.

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  • xHow is gestational age determined?
  • xWhat is the most adapted abortion method in my case?

    Healthcare professionals could help you to make your decision. Medical and surgical abortion methods present different specificities that you should take into account during the medical consultation.

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  • xWhat is an ectopic pregnancy ?

    Sometimes, a fertilised egg does not move to the uterus and implants in the Fallopian tube. This is called an Ectopic Pregnancy.

    The symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy are:

    • Bleeding,
    • Stomach pain,
    • Pain upon uterine palpation during a gynecological examination.

    If such pregnancy is suspected, a physician must be consulted immediately to prevent complications. ß-hCG blood results and ultrasound examination help confirm suspected ectopic pregnancy. These are a contraindication for medical abortion and must be diagnosed as early as possible. If you are pregnant and you feel this type of pain or you are bleeding, consult your physician immediately.

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  • xI am afraid of the pain.

    In the medical method, embryo expulsion is made possible by inducing uterine and abdominal contractions, which may be painful. However, your physician can prescribe analgesics for you to help ease the pain.
    In the surgical method, aspiration of the uterine contents triggers contractions, which can cause post-operative pain. The physician will prescribe you analgesia for this.

  • xShould I speak about it to my friends or family ?

    An abortion is an intimate and personal procedure that you will take according to your own situation. Parents and friends support can be highly precious to get over this event. However, you are under no obligation to inform your relatives or friends.

  • xWhere can I get advice ?

    There are many places where you can get personal advice on an anonymous basis. Consult your closest healthcare professional, who will give you all of the information you need.

  • xCan I have children after an abortion ?

    A termination of pregnancy has no effect on the ability to get pregnant in the future. However, please note that an abortion does not protect you from a new pregnancy. Fertility resumes immediately after an abortion. Therefore, you need to speak about the best contraceptive method for you with the physician and start it immediately.